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Our primary objective is to provide durable expert CORROSION and to other ENGINEERING expert field’s, solutions that are cost effective and sustainable.
The purpose of any solution developed by our technical team of experts, is to minimise the risk of assets within our field premature failures, and or endeavour to maximising the remaining useful life of our client’s infrastructure.

Our team of technical experts have gained a combined experience of over approximately fifty-five (55) years in various engineering sectors. These include water, petro-chemical, gas industries and other Engineering fields.

Continued product and services development provides; problem-specific solutions for Cathodic Protection, Corrosion, Water, Sanitation, Energy, Marine, Concrete, industrial, Mild-Steel pipeline environments and other multi-disciplinary Engineering Technical sectors.

WITH REGARDS TO TRUST AND RESPECT FOR OUR EMPLOYEES: We Endeavour to work together in creating a unified culture of inclusion built on Trust, Commitment, Loyalty, Respect and Dignity for all employees, its shareholders, business associates, clients, suppliers/customers and other key related resources that are deemed applicable to the success of our projects and organization.

WITH REGARDS TO ACHIEVEMENTS AND TECHNICAL CONTRIBUTIONS: We Endeavour to continue to strive for Excellence in all that we do; each employee and client technical contribution is critical for our success.

WITH REGARDS TO RESULTS THROUGH TEAMWORK: We Endeavour to effectively Collaborate, be Innovative, Develop, Encourage team efforts, Capacity, Capacitate, Capabilities and Skills necessary, as well as looking for more efficient ways to serve our clients

WITH REGARDS TO OUR CUSTOMER LOYALTY: We Endeavour to earn Service Respect, Service Loyalty and Service Commitment to ALL our Customers by consistently providing the highest Quality and Value of our Services rendered within our resources limitations.

WITH REGARDS TO OUR PROFIT GENERATION: We Endeavour to achieve sufficient Profits to Sustain, Finance Growth & Development, Create optimum value for our Shareholder/s and Achieve the set Company objectives.

WITH REGARDS TO GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: We Endeavour to Recognize and Pursue Opportunities for Growth & Development that builds upon our core Values, Principles, Policies, Strengths and Competencies capacity.

WITH REGARDS TO MARKET LEADERSHIP: We Endeavour to Lead in the marketplace by developing and delivering useful, environmentally friendly, with zero Health hazard, in a secured workplace, produce quality and innovative Services, Products, offer Professional Advise and Solutions that are Cost effective but yet Competitive to our valued Clients.

WITH REGARDS TO MEANINGFUL INNOVATION: We Endeavour to continue with our intentions to be the leading company in our market & in other engineering spectrums through innovative technology that invents the useful and the significant contribution to our WORK lives.

WITH REGARDS TO UNCOMPROMISING INTEGRITY: We Endeavour to continue with our policy of Openness, Honesty and direct Scrutiny in our dealings, provided and through channels defined within our internal Office Administrations, Commercial Department, Production and

Operations Divisions, policies undertaking to the benefit and success of Paradigm Projects (Pty) Ltd.

Paradigm Projects (Pty) Ltd

Corrosion Engineering Organization.

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